Are You Struggling to Find the Right Support Following Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis?

The Autism Plan is Here to Help…

…With Autism: Quick Start: our nine-part online course that is designed to give you the help and practical support you need.

When your child is first diagnosed, the following feelings and emotions are very common…

  • Shock at finding out your child has a lifelong condition.
  • Fear for the future, for your child and the challenges they might face, and also for the rest of your family and how you’ll cope.
  • Frustration that no onward help is forthcoming.
  • Overwhelmed about where you can turn to for help and what support is available to you and your child.

We are parents and carers of autistic children and we started The Autism Plan to help other families because when our children were diagnosed with autism we realised very quickly that there was no easily accessible autism support that fitted in with our overwhelmingly hectic lives.

The more we heard about how other families living with autism were also struggling every day, the more we realised we needed to use our own experiences to do something to help them.

Our online mini-course, Autism: Quick Start is designed to offer much needed support to families in your situation.

For JUST £9 you’ll get the following:

  • Video modules presented by us and our team of autism parents and specialists, taking you through the top things you need to be aware of now your child has been diagnosed.
  • An interactive digital workbook for you to make notes, take action, and record video content.
  • Expert advice and support in terms of your child’s autism diagnosis, how you as a family process the information, and simple steps you can take to improve your child’s experiences and your family life.

Remember, we are parents and carers of autistic children. We know how you feel. Here at The Autism Plan our aim is to revolutionise the way that support is offered to the autism community - to families just like you - so that you don’t have to struggle like we did when our children were diagnosed.

You no longer have to feel overwhelmed and confused at what to do next, because Autism: Quick Start gives you a great start to understanding your child’s unique needs and potential.

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We are so pleased you have found us. We’re here to help you live confidently and happily with autism.

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Anna, Nicola, Deborah and The Autism Plan Team